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So here you are, newly arrived, stranded on this crazy island at your very own risk

This is an English translation of the French riddle game "La Grande Enigme", although not a litteral one as anagrams and puns cannot be transposed straighforwardly. The general framework and storyline (when present) were preserved whenever possible.

You don't need to be a living encyclopedia to play the game. An enquiring mind, a sense of deduction, eyes, ears and a taste for useless details will do the trick.

Everybody can join, even greens. If you are familiar with riddles, it may seem easy in the beginning but don't fool yourself, you will soon be begging for a clue! The riddles offer a great variety of styles, some will test your memory or your sense of observation, others will call upon your logic or may need some investigation.

Please have a look at the FAQ before embarking on this adventure, it will only take a couple of minutes and will spare you trouble.

Have fun !



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